If you need to make a payment to us for any reason we recommend using a bank transfer via your telephone or internet banking or, for larger payments, by attending in person at your bank bringing photographic ID. Funds paid via Fastpay bank transfer or by CHAPS will clear in our account on the same day, so please use these methods, particularly if there is any urgency. Our payments details will have been provided in our terms of business letter and will not change during your transaction. If you are in any doubt please contact the solicitor dealing with your case directly on our main office number.

You can make certain payments to us online using our secure payment page.

Payments can only be accepted in GBP – Sterling, and please note there is a limit of £2,000.

Please be advised that using the online payment form, funds take at least 3 working days to appear in our account even if they leave your account immediately, so do not use this system for urgent transfers.

Payments intended for third parties (including house deposits) may only be made by bank transfer and not using the online payment form.

Please read about our Online Payment Terms and Conditions here.


Other payments

If you do pay online for anything other than paying an invoice or money on account, we will have no choice but to refund and return your payment. This could take up to ten working days, and result in significant delays to your case.


Security Information

You will be directed to Worldpay to make your online payment. All payment details are managed securely by our third party payment system.

We use industry standard technology to encrypt your details as they pass over the internet and to enable your browser to confirm that it’s really our site that you’re using.

On any page where you are entering personal details, you will see the closed padlock icon that tells you the page is protected. If you are using a very old or unsupported browser (such as Internet Explorer 6.0) you will not be able to connect to these secure pages. In that case, please upgrade to a supported browser (such as a modern version of IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari or Firefox).

If you share your PC or use a facility in a public place make sure you are not overlooked as you enter your details. Close the browser window and, if applicable, log off when you have finished.

Please note, Personal Data such as your name, address and contact details may be required. Any Personal Data will be used in accordance with Data Protection requirements.

Some personal information will be received by us for reference purposes. We will not keep this information for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it is collected.

During the payment process you will be required to enter the credit or debit card security code and you may be asked for further card authentication by your credit or debit card provider.

Please note

Payments by card can only be accepted with authorisation from the cardholder. If you are not the cardholder or if you have any payment related queries please call our Accounts Team for assistance on 01296 487361. Our opening hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.